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Where to find the best coffee from Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, Newcastle

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Here are seven of our favourite coffee haunts when you're ready to venture out from your luxury Newcastle accommodation at Brunswick Mews on Darby Street.


Less than 5 minutes walk from Brunswick Mews at the southern end of Darby Street is the very cool Cafe Hubro. Serving local produce and run on the power of collaboration and the energy that is created when creative and committed share ideas. Try their cold brew, or enjoy their own coffee blend amongst the locals who swear by their favourite haunt. Friendly staff and fantastic food top off the many reasons why you should wander down to Hubro from Brunswick Mews and soak up the vibe, enjoy some great food and sensational coffee - cold brewed or not!

Core Espresso

Also located within walking distance from Brunswick Mews on Darby Street and just one block away, Core Espresso is renowned for their local sourcing, where they try to buy as responsibly and eco-friendly as possible. They also make amazing coffee and their food is specifically designed, made and plated to make you feel special and look as good as it tastes. Dine in and soak up the very cool vibe and watch the passing parade on Darby Street, or take away and explore Cooks Hill.

Good Brother

Venture a little further from Darby Street into Newcastle East and you'll find the Good Brother Espresso Shop. You'll enjoy serious coffee made made with care and love, and combined if you'd like with sensational food that kicks in terms of taste and looks. Discover why Good Brother Espresso has a cult following, and take in the warm and homely vibe that exudes from the retro furniture and exposed brick. While you're in Newcastle East, venture around and discover the local delights in architecture, history and hidden retail gems.

One Penny Black

Also in Newcastle East, an easy walk or a short taxi ride from Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, is One Penny Black on Hunter Street. With a loyal following from Novocastrians, One Penny Black is known for serving their rich style of coffee, with lots of body and depth which is favoured by the locals. The passionate baristas, BlackStar beans from Brisbane and amazing food that the locals will line up for make this worthy of a visit on your way to Newcastle Harbour.

Swell Kiosk

Just an easy few minutes walk east of Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, Newcastle lies some of Australia's best surf. Bar Beach is no exception, and is home to Swell Kiosk that can boast unrivalled panoramic views of one of the best beaches in Australia. Renowned for it's laid back yet priceless location, Swell Kiosk serves coffee and food that will delight and make your experience as you watch the local surfers do their thing, or pods of dolphins play and frolic before you all the better. Definitely check out Swell Kiosk during whale watching season and enjoy sights that will delight your soul.

Mockingbird Cafe

Just an easy 10 minute drive to the west of Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, Newcastle lies Hamilton's Beaumont Street and the Mockingbird Cafe. Operated by the same crew behind local catering stars Fennel & Co, Mockingbird Cafe will of course satisfy your coffee desires in a most satisfying way. But the cafe is really known for its amazing food, pulling customers from the widest reaches of The Hunter to partake in their favourite, or try a new, delight. Look carefully, and you might find the menu and the look of the dishes a little Melbournesque. That's because the owners Tess and James travel to Melbourne every year for inspiration and delight in bringing back their take on what they find in Melbourne, just for Novocastrians and our visitors to enjoy.


Located right on the Esplanade at Newcastle Beach, Estabar prides itself on offering whole foods with views. And what views! Salty air and ocean views, seriously good coffee, almost good for you gelato and a menu parading our local fruit and vegetables is what awaits you at Estabar. Just a short 5 minute drive from your luxury Newcastle accommodation at Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, Newcastle you will love the combination of great views, great vibe, great food and great coffee at Estabar.

No matter where you choose to venture out to from the luxury and sumptuous surrounds of Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, Newcastle you will find a coffee haunt to satisfy and to match it with your choice of accompaniment in cool vibe, great food, locally sourced produce or million dollar view for free. Find out more and discover for yourself when you next stay at Brunswick Mews on Darby Street, Newcastle.

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