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Quirky can be defined as "having or characterised by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects". The word works well when describing Brunswick Mews. The vision of its owner, when created to set a new standard for Newcastle boutique accommodation was

to surprise, delight and excite guests. A key pillar in surprising guests was to incorporate decor and art which was

unexpected,  yet complimented the space and brought a fun, yet artistic feel to the architecture and

finishings of the property. 

All in all , we love how Brunswick Mews has come together and how every aspect melds to create a beautiful , elegant and luxurious space. Yes, and quirky too. Take a moment and read about our favourite quirky pieces in Brunswick Mews. From artwork, to decor pieces,

furniture to appliances, each piece has a story and something to say and forms much of why we have set the scene across luxury accommodation in Newcastle ablaze.


The orange "Verite" armchair is maybe THE signature furnishing piece at Brunswick Mews. Inspired by the Pharaoh’s treasures, no compromises are made on luxury or comfort.


The arms are cast in Arabian bronze and polished Palmwood and it's upholstered in 2.5mm full-grain leather from Italy. The seat is supported by a floating platform, similar to a Rolls Royce. The cushioning contains feather down and latex from New Zealand and the chair is reinforced with a steel frame.


Other owners of the Verite chair include Jean Paul Gaultier, Matthew McConaughey, Pierce Brosnan and Clint Eastwood - so sit back and relax and enjoy being at one with the A Listers.....


Some call her "Miss Grey Skies". She is a beautiful girl in American Indian headdress and she watches over guests in our second bedroom.


The teal colours in the piece are truly beautiful and unusual. They ignite and set off the room, which is bathed in light from the two south facing windows. The teal also pops against the dominant white palette used in the room, drawing the eye and creating a focal point in the space.


You can't help but wonder why her beautiful eyes are closed. Is she in prayer? Perhaps contemplation, or recalling a memory passed? Or perhaps her eyes are closed in anticipation of a kiss from an unseen partner just out of frame.


We'll leave the decision to you.....


Meet Barry. He's a Rhino. Wel l , he used to be a Rhino with a body, and hoofs, and snorting and lots of shaking of his head. But..... well that's in the past now. Barry doesn't l ike to look back. Mostly because he can't, but back in the day - he was still a look forward and not back kind of Rhino. So what happened to Barry you ask?

Well, it's a cautionary tale. When Barry was younger he and his herd (he wanted to call them a posse, but it didn't take) decided to go to Spain for Schoolies - you see Barry and his herd were trend setters. One night, after too many sangria's and too much paella, Barry decided to run with the Bulls in Pamplona. It didn't end well. I'll save you the gory details, but suffice it to say Bulls 1, Barry nil.  Barry hangs out at Brunswick Mews now. He prefers the quiet life....


Have you ever loved a Llama? Maybe it's never crossed your mind, or maybe you've loved Llama's from way back...

Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle boutique accommodation


Meet Tina (Turner). See the likeness? It's the hair, right? Yes, that's what we thought. Tina is still listed in the Guinness Book of Records for selling more concert tickets than any solo performer in history. The real Tina that is. Not the Llama. Our Tina Llama welcomes guests in our third bedroom. Next time you visit Brunswick Mews, look right after you enter the front door and you'll see Tina on the wall with her friends.....


Meet Elton (John). He proudly holds centre band position in our third bedroom, watching over guests as they sleep, along with his band mates Tina and David. Can you see the likeness? It's got to be the glasses, right? Only an Elton could pull those off. When he changed his name from Reginald Dwight, the singer chose a stage name that paid tribute to vocalist Long John Baldry and saxophonist Elton Dean. For a middle name, he picked Hercules. Not the Llama though. He doesn't have a middle name. That would be silly.

Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle boutique accommodation
Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle boutique accommodation


Meet David (Bowie). He's our third Llama from the left.... or he's the right hand Llama in the 3rd bedroom. It all depends on your perspective. David (the real one, not the Llama) has declined two Royal honours: a CBE in 2000 and a Knighthood in 2003. You may also not know, that David never performed the song "Under Pressure" live until 1992 at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, where he performed it with Annie Lennox. David the Llama was there - he said it was amazing.


Meet Garry. He's a bit of a poser. We think he does it well , which is a good thing because he poses all day and all night. He likes to hang around the Wisteria - it reminds him of his home. He's from Dubbo.

He grew up with Barry. He was there in Pamplona on that fateful day and he saw everything. It traumatised him and he was never quite the same, poor love. It turned him pale white and he's been frozen still in the same position ever since. It's like he's been covered in plaster and caught in time.


But if you look on the bright side, he's faring better than Barry. Seriously, at least Garry has a body. And he's not hung on a wall . So when you think about it like that.... Am I right?


Pingo the Flamingo takes centre stage at Brunswick Mews, adding vibrancy and colour to the dining room and creating a focal point which constantly draws the eye. Unusually for a flamingo, Pingo is not standing on one leg - something they do to conserve energy and prevent fatigue. You don't need to stand on one leg though, you can sit at the dining table.


Flamingo's are very social birds living in colonies whose population can measure in the thousands, which is why Pingo loves being in the dining room - the hub of Brunswick Mews and the centre of the action.


Raise a glass to Pingo and know that if it was possible, Pingo would join you and chat at length about inspiring the 1970's plastic pink Flamingo landscape features......


No-one likes to be left out. So we have a final three pieces to show case that you might have noticed... 

Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle boutique accommodation


Meet Hansell. He's not just an elephant, he's a really, really ridiculously good looking elephant. He's a super model among elephants and there isn't a National Geographic cover that he hasn't been on. Do you see his pose? He calls it.... no it's not blue steel. That's ridiculous. And trade marked, so not it's not blue steel. He calls it "Navy Aluminium" and it's his trade mark... it's haunting and you
swear his eyes follow you no matter where you stand and pierce right into your soul... Bobbi Brown herself styled his make up. Look out Vogue - Hansell is coming!


Up there with the Rolls Royce of ovens, meet the Falcon Professional FX 90 Dual Fuel. Gas cook top and electric oven, this is the oven that NASA took to space. You know, on that mission where they took Sunday off, cooked a roast and had some family time. No? Missed that one? Apollo something. 19 I think it was. You can Google it. Anyway, it's so good it can cook in space. And upside down. And underwater. OK it can't cook underwater - I made that part up. It is awesome though and used by many Master Chef's (seriously!).

Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle boutique accommodation
Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle boutique accommodation


Meet Stafford. He used to be a Stag. Now he hangs out at Brunswick Mews, outside on the deck above the fridge and sink opposite the table. 


Stafford reminds us why we should "slip, slop, slap". You see he's seen better days and isn't the Stag he used to be. Too much sun dried him out and bleached his bones. He wishes he had have worn a hat....but then again with those horns it just wouldn't have looked right....



So it's all been intentional . Totally by design and completely on purpose. We think quirky is fun and we need fun in our life. We think our  homes and the spaces we share and come together in should be beautiful , luxurious, elegant, nurturing, certainly safe but also

- yes indeed - fun.


We hope that you find that special bit of quirky at Brunswick Mews that connects with you, and we hope that we have animated some of the special pieces we have collected to bring Brunswick Mews to life. You might also like to know that your host at Brunswick Mews does

this for a living. Designing, styling, colour consulting, sourcing art and furniture - all the totally fun stuff we'd all do if we could.


If you'd like to know more about that, you can follow Julie Evans Design on Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter

or find out more here: Visit Website 

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