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When reindeers go bad....

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

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Not every Christmas Eve was foggy. In fact, most - if not all, except for one - were clear and bright and the stars twinkled brightly..... Before that one, foggy night, Randolf the reindeer was the El Supremo of reindeers. The big cheese. The leader of the pack. The reindeer of reindeers. But you haven't heard of him have you? You can't find him mentioned in songs or carols. You won't find him on Christmas Cards, or featured in the David Jones Christmas windows.... it's like he's been wiped from history, like he never existed. But he did, and this is his story.....

Randolf was the leader of all reindeers. Dasher, Dancer, Vixen and Prancer all wanted to be like him. Comet, Cupid, Blitzen and Donner wanted to be him, with his long legs and Prince Charles like ears.... But there was one reindeer who loved him beyond measure, more than the rest. His cousin Rudolph. You may have heard of him - he had a shiny red nose. Well, you see, Randolf and Rudolph were cousins. They were bound by blood and Rudolph being the younger of the two, looked up to Randolf and idolised him beyond all reason. Unreasonably so....because you see, Randolf used to call poor Rudolph names.....

In fact, Randolf used to laugh and call him names. And the other reindeers, well they would join in. Leaders of the pack can be like that, they followed Randolf's lead. You see deep down, Randolf wasn't very nice. Even though he was related to Rudolph - they were cousins after all - it wasn't enough to prevent Randolf from being - well - a douche. And so, the whole laughing and calling Rudolph names was all Randolf's fault. And that's why you've never heard of him. He was struck from the record books. Banished from the North Pole and his name never spoken of again.

Until now.... you can see him at Brunswick Mews. In the bird cage. Banished for his naughtiness and his dastardly ways, spending the rest of his days as a cautionary tale to be nice, especially to family. Don't be like Randolf. Be like nose optional.


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Brunswick Mews, luxury accommodation Newcastle, boutique accommodation Newcastle, B&B Newcastle

Newcastle boutique, luxury, accommodation

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